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    Gooble Gobble (Repetition Experiment)
  • FormatMP3
  • Bit Rate16
  • Sample Rate44.1

This track is an experiment that I did recently on the idea of repetition.  I wanted to see if I could take 3 tracks of improvised audio (1 bass and 2 rhythm guitar tracks), play a bunch of random notes and rhythms, and randomly shuffle the start times of each audio file.  Whatever came out first, I would treat as my main "A" section, follow it with one of the random variations, then return to the "A" section- like some perverted kind of Classical Rondo form.  The premise that I was testing was "Something sounding strange or foreign has more to do with our lack of familiarity with that thing than any inherent weirdness.  With enough exposure and repetition, even the strangest of ideas can eventually become familiar."  This is how "Gooble Gobble" was born.

Heinz O.

Hi Kurt - I can’t seem to figure out how to keep related comments within a given conversation-thread... I’ve ended up just adding on to the entirety.  As to David Bowie cutting up lyrics - i remember it was years ago, so I definitely don’t remember specific songs but... the way I recall it, it was around the “Scary Monsters” era... I do think I read about it being used on “Let’s Dance.”  And then yesterday, I read an interview with William Burroughs (who I admit to knowing too little of) & he was talking about that being a standard tactic he used in poetry & so, it made me wonder if that was where David Bowie got the idea in the first place... and I HOPE YOU’RE DOING WELL!!  

Jonathan H.

I just hurt my back trying to dance to this

Kurt M.

The beat goes on but I'm so wrooooong! 

Heinz O.

I’m reminded of the lyric randomizing experiment that David Bowie used to do, taking a specific poem & cutting it up into words & phrase segments, then drawing them out of a hat (HE said) & rearranging them randomly...  

Kurt M.

I love that and remember hearing him explain it in an interview. Do you know what songs he used that technique on? 

Matti Salminen

Hah, cool - thank's Kurt! 

Phil O.

You’re  like a mad scientist ‍.... cool! 

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