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This is a composition that was written for my friend and photographer, Seth Jacobson, as a gift for his lovely wife, Anita.  It features some fantastic solos by Kevin Bents on piano and Scheila Gonzalez on flute.

Kevin Bents: Piano

Scheila Gonzalez: Alto Saxophone & Flute

Adam Minkoff: Vibraphone

Kurt Morgan: Bass

Edoardo Tancredi: Drums

*Cover Art by Seth Jacobson

© 2020 Sacred Cheeseburger Music 


Absolutely love this. 

Kurt M.

Thanks, Tucker! 

Chris Opperman

Snazzy! Very snazzy!

Kurt M.

Hahaha! I’m just seeing these comments now. Thanks, man!

Matti Salminen

Thank`s Kurt, this is fantastic piece of music - lucky Anita!

Kurt M.

Thank you so much, Matti and thank you for signing up! Your support means a lot. I’m looking forward to everyone’s feedback so please don’t be shy!