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    Gün-Ana's Banana
  • FormatWAV
  • Bit Rate24
  • Sample Rate48 kHz

A Big Band arrangement of Gün-Ana's Banana, a composition about the forgotten Turkic sun goddess and her dance with a charming banana.

Composer/Arranger/Bass/MIDI Programming: Kurt Morgan

Drums: Edoardo Tancredi

© 2019 Sacred Cheeseburger Music ASCAP

Thomas H.

Kurt, this is lovely. Thank you very much!

Stephen  S.

Frank lovers should love this. It has his penchant for fanfare but totally original. I'm so glad Frank paved an indelible path for new composers who were willing to pick up on the scent but make it their own. The more stuff to listen to and rediscover musical phrasing that brings on chills. Thanks Kurt

Kurt M.

Stephen, this is such a beautiful compliment.  Thank you so much.  It makes me so happy that you enjoy this! 

Stephen  S.

Love this