I believe that you can make music from anything.  I felt like testing that theory out.  The result is AWORKOFART!

Stephen  S.

Frank would have absolutely loved this. Absurdity is the mother of invention

Phil O.

Fabulous! I purchased a sleep monitor app cause I was sure that Satan was visiting me in my sleep. Well he wasn’t and I don’t snore, the only thing I recorded was the numerous flatulent outbursts that I was unaware of during my sleep cycle. Well me being me I kept them, midi’d them to my guitar and made a fart guitar, I suppose it’s time to work on my opus!

Kurt M.

I can't wait to hear this masterpiece, Phil! 

David A.

LMFAO!!! I love it!

Mike T.


Kurt M.

I still haven't had any contact with sandyrb (the master flatulist) but I intend to reach out to him soon after I get him some more fans.  I sure hope he doesn't mind what I did with his rancid gas!

David  C.

This is the best and greatest thing I have ever heard

Kurt M.

Thanks so much, David!  Who woulda thought a 2-second ripper like that would contain so much concentrated magic?!  I was blown away.