Kurt & Ryan Play the Imperial March on One Bass

This was recorded backstage before a show on the Roxy & Elsewhere tour.  Ryan and I prepared this to be ready in case Dweezil called on us during the little "Random Band Member Solo-ette" portion of Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?.  I think this rehearsal went better than the actual moment on stage but hey, that's one of the joys of seeing a live performance- knowing that at any moment, the band could totally f**k up and prove they are mere mortals after all! 

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Phil O.

2 men  one bass .... priceless 

Steve Thorne

FZ was right! Touring does make you crazy.

Kurt M.

It certainly does!  I love so much about this video; the sound of Ben warming up like a pigeon in the background, the standard dressing room in the middle of nowhere vibe, the fact that Dweezil walks in just as we are stating the beginning of the theme, and of course, the cookie.