$50 Doughnation

$50 Doughnation

If you are the type of person that appreciates the work that musicians and other creative people do to enrich our lives and you REALLY want to show your support and appreciation to me, then perhaps you will consider making a "Doughnation" to me personally, in the amount of $50!  Your Doughnation will help to ensure that I can keep creating the best creative content that I am capable of with the hope of helping all of us feel a little bit better!  Thank you for your support!



Heinz O.

Good morning, KM!  Just signed up... hopefully, you will continue to expand your shop with adequate time!  My 1st contact with Frank was in 1977 when I wrote Herb Cohen to tell him we, out here in the Wooly Wilds of America, badly needed Zappa SWAG!  So I got a typed & hand-signed card from Frank, offering up framed prints of Moon Unit’s photos of dead birds she’d found in the Laurel Canyon gutters; she was 8, then.  That card still exists somewhere in a box, too...  We need t-shirts of your “Dead Bird Photos!” Lol!  

Timothy t.

I couldn't agree more!

If you had bought the framed prints, you would have had to display them somewhere, like outright 24/7.

I mean... they are photos of dead birds. Maybe not the first thing you want potential clients to see when they first walk in the door...

I didn't get to see the images, so maybe they are beautiful, but it is hard to imagine having photos of dead birds just decorating your wall next to your books. Much better to have a postcard in a box.

So, yeah, I get it.

T-shirts makes more sense.