60-minute Private Lesson

60-minute Private Lesson

Are you someone who is interested in composing your own music and developing your own unique voice on your instrument?  Have you ever wanted to write something but got overwhelmed by a blank page and didn't know where to begin?  Or maybe you just like to play your instrument and are interested in learning some theory to help with your improvisation.  If any of these things sound familiar, then I may be able to help!  I want to pass on some of my knowledge and experiences to you so that you can be more creative and more satisfied with your creations.

I offer private instruction on bass guitar, music theory, improvisation, composition, and music production via Skype, Zoom, or Discord.  Each student dictates the areas that they most want to focus on with me and while I am certainly happy to share my approach to playing the bass and what it is like to be in a touring rock band, my main specialty is helping and encouraging people to be creative in their own unique way, whatever their instrument of choice may be or whatever type of music they like.  My lessons are customized to your own specific musical goals all the time.    

If you are interested in finding out if private lessons might be for you, send me a private message here and we can come up with your own custom-tailored lesson-plan!  Once we have agreed to a lesson strategy, date, and time, you click "purchase" above and I add your lesson time to the Events Calendar on my page, solidifying our creative commitment publicly (and helping me keep track of my calendar)!

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